Start a CenturyLink Web Meeting
GlobalMeet Web allows you to share your presentations and documents on the Internet with your participants. Anyone with an Internet connection may view the documents during the call.
Moderator Instructions for GlobalMeet Web
The easiest way to start a Web conference is from the GlobalMeet Toolbar for Outlook. Once you download the Toolbar it remembers your Client ID and Web Password so you don’t have to! Go to the training center and select GlobalMeet Toolbar for Outlook for detailed instructions.
If you choose not to use the GlobalMeet Toolbar for Outlook you can start your Web meeting, by logging into your Conference Control Center. From this site, you can start your meetings, manage content and adjust meeting settings as needed.
All of the information needed to log into your Conference Control Center is provided in your welcome email. This includes your Conference Control Center URL, a Client ID and a Web Password. Use a Web browser to navigate to your Conference Control Center URL.
Conference Control Center Sign-in
1. Click on your custom Conference Control Center URL
2. Enter your Client ID or email address.
3. Enter your Web Password.
4. Click LOGIN
If you have lost your login credentials, use the "I forgot my ID or Password" link or contact your company's conferencing administrator.
5. In the box titledMeet > Web and Audio Meeting ,click Start
6. After a few moments a box will appear titled "Let the Meeting Call You"
7. Enter your 10-digit telephone number and click Connect Me
8. Your phone will the ring - answer it and begin your meeting!