GlobalMeet Web Features
GlobalMeet Web is fully integrated with GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing. Just log on to experience a fully interactive virtual conference room.


Personal Meeting Room
Get a personal, permanent web address with your name on it.
Auto-Dialed Meeting Connections
GlobalMeet Web will automatically make the calls to you and your attendees, so you don't have to worry about dialing access numbers or passcodes ever again.
No Software Download Required
With this convenient online solution, you don't have the hassle of installing software to host a web conference.
Easy Screen Sharing
Share a crystal-clear view of your computer screen with attendees and use videos, presentations, even your entire desktop to get maximum impact from your interaction.
One-Click Recording
Why take notes when you can capture the audio and video of the entire meeting by just clicking a button?
No-hassle Meeting Invitations
One click and you're done. Assembling the right people for your meetings has never been easier.
Superior Sound Quality
GlobalMeet Web advanced audio technology assures that your message comes across loud and clear.
Make a Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentation Part of Your Meeting
Visual aids add interest to your presentation and allow participants to retain information.
Application Sharing
Share any application running on your computer. Collaborate on budgets, drawings, plans and more - all updated in real-time for all to see.
Annotate Over All Meeting Content
Annotation tools can be used when showing slides and sharing applications.
Presenter Audio Controls
Manage meeting attendees with Audio Controls including volume , mute and unmute for each attendee.
Moderator or Multiple Presenter Control
Pass control during the meeting to allow presenters to control the flow of their particular section/content.
Interactive Chat
Share ideas and comments via text messages, without interrupting the speaker or moderator.
Multiple Levels of Security
GlobalMeet Web provides industry-leading levels of access security, network security, and content security. GlobalMeet Web sites can be SSL encrypted.