GlobalMeet Touch Tone Commands - Keep this reference close by in order to conduct very high quality conference calls. Through Touch Tone Commands you can increase your volume in the conference, mute your line, contact the help desk, and more!
Online Audio Controls - If you're a visual person you'll love being able to see who is attending your audio conference call. Through Online Audio Controls the Moderator will see the list of audio Participants. The Moderator can see who is speaking, mute lines that produce background noise, record the call, lock the conference and rename Participant lines.

Online Audio Controls are accessible through the Outlook Conferencing Toolbar. To download the Outlook Conferencing Toolbar, see below.
Outlook Conferencing Toolbar - The Outlook Conferencing Toolbar is the easiest way to schedule and start GlobalMeet calls. It also gives you one-click access to manage your account online. Click here to download this productivity enhancing resource!

To view the Outlook Conferencing Toolbar User's Guide please Click here