GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing
Anytime Audio with GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing
GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing is an always available, personal meeting solution that allows you to host convenient and cost-effective conference calls for up to 300 participants - with all of the meeting management features that you need to make meetings run smoothly and improve productivity.
Meeting Management Features
GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing offers convenient, secure and flexible features to enhance the quality of your meetings.
  • One click to schedule your meeting using Outlook integration
  • Unique passcodes for moderators and participants to access and control the quality of the meeting
  • Mute/un-mute capabilities and individual volume controls
  • 24/7 help desk assistance
  • Quick dial-out from the meeting to add participants
  • Recording at the touch of a button
  • Integration with web conferencing for a true collaborative meeting
  • Online account management to view meeting reports, access recordings and adjust preferences
Increase the security levels of your meeting with features that:
  • Provide additional security codes that can be enabled by the moderator and provided to participants
  • Announce participant names as they enter or exit the meeting
  • Keep participants on hold until the moderator joins the call
  • Conduct a roll call of all the people in the meeting
Benefits of Using GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing
  • Increased Productivity. Meet anytime from anywhere. No advanced scheduling necessary.
  • Simple to Use. One of the most intuitive audio conferencing tools available. No complex training needed.
  • Professional Calls. Online Audio Controls enable the moderator to increase the volume of participants that are difficult to hear, and mute lines that create distracting noises.
  • Easy to Manage. Conference Control Center features include the ability to create additional audio accounts, access to GlobalMeet Web, meeting reports and the ability to change meeting features at any time.
GlobalMeet Audio Conferencing Easy Mobile Access
CenturyLink provides unique access to GlobalMeet audio conferencing for professionals who participate in meetings while on the road. When GlobalMeet calls are scheduled through Outlook integration, a dialing link is included in the invitation. It gives users a fast and easy way to start or join a meeting without having to remember lengthy dial-in numbers or passcodes. This feature integrates account numbers into the Location field, so all the user has to do is press a button to be connected. It’s that simple.